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The shopping district of Kingsway Village - on Bloor Street West - bisects the two villages.  With its coach-lantern street lamps and centre median - complete with distinctive flags and lighted trees - residents enjoy a myriad of speciality shops, bistros, book store, markets, and bakeries. An ample collection of professional services is located here too.

       Schools are excellent throughout both neighbourhoods with public, private, and Catholic elementary, public and Catholic secondary, and Montessori.

       The Humber River Valley, connecting to Toronto's waterfront, boasts numerous Parks (Home Smith Park, Magwood Park, Etienne Brule Park and Kings Mill Park) and the Toronto Humber Yacht Club.

       Most residents are a walking distance to either the Royal York or Old Mill subway stations. Commutes to downtown Toronto are less than 30 minutes; airport commutes range about 20 minutes.

       West of the Humber River.  Sunnylea or The Kingsway.  Premier addresses, and the two best-kept secrets in Toronto!

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Life west of the Humber River.

For many Toronto residents, the Humber River can represent the 'end of the line' in terms of being considered 'city living' in Toronto.  Life west of the Humber; suburbia, perhaps even rural Toronto, could be adjectives used by some to describe life in Toronto's 'west end'.  But ... they haven't LIVED here.

       Those of us who've made 'west of the Humber River' our home, either in the old fruit orchard - now known as Sunnylea, or on former Clergy Reserve land - now known as The Kingsway, life couldn't be more idyllic - or more perfect. Why?

       For Sunnylea residents, it's perhaps the charm that makes it so appealing.  Mature trees adorn the streets, and Mimico Creek - with its many parks - gently meanders through the neighbourhood.  Recreation is abundant with a swimming pool, winter ice arena and outdoor tennis courts.  No sidewalks - on purpose - to add to that relaxed feel.

Thinking of moving here?  It would be my privilege to show you just what I mean!

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History of The Kingsway

The Kingsway is situated on former Clergy Reserve lands that were deeded to the Church of England in the early 1800's. The Church leased this property to farmers until 1908 when it was acquired by Robert Home Smith, the visionary who planned The Kingsway neighbourhood.

       Home Smith and Company began marketing this subdivision in 1912. However the sale of homes in The Kingsway was stalled by the outbreak of World War I, as well as inadequate transportation routes across the Humber River Valley. It wasn't until 1924 when the Bloor Street bridge was built that the sale of houses in The Kingsway began.

       Many of the first Kingsway residents were Northern Ontario mining executives and Toronto businessmen who were personally acquainted with Robert Home Smith and were encouraged by him to purchase houses here. Home Smith's motto for The Kingsway was, "a little bit of England far from England". His lofty ideal was to establish an English style garden suburb of the highest integrity and beauty. It is Robert Home Smith's legacy that The Kingsway endures today as one Toronto's finest neighbourhoods.



The Kingsway is the premier neighbourhood in Toronto's west end. This well planned community was designed for families. The houses and properties are a good size, the streets are pedestrian friendly, and the schools, shopping, churches, and recreation are all within walking distance.

       The Kingsway is known for its idyllic setting, nestled in the forest of the Humber River Valley. The Kingsway streets are lined with majestic oak and maple trees that provide the perfect backdrop for the stately homes that grace this neighbourhood.


Courtesy - Your Guide to Toronto Neighbourhoods. Copyright Maple Tree Publishing.

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History of Sunnylea

The history of the Sunnylea neighbourhood revolves around Alexander Thompson who purchased two hundred acres of land in this area in 1803, after his discharge from the Kings Rangers.

       Alexander Thompson lived in a distinguished residence, just south of Bloor Street at Royal York Road that was known as "Rose Bank Cottage." His son Archibald lived in a country Georgian farmhouse just to the south of his father, that was called "Spring Bank Cottage." Spring Bank Cottage is still standing today at 7 Meadowcrest Road.

       The Thompson property was renowned for its apple, cherry, pear, and plum orchards. In the latter part of the 1800's, the Thompson's were joined in Sunnylea by families who cultivated thriving market gardens filled with fruits and vegetables. A handful of these old Sunnylea farmhouses are still standing both on Prince Edward Drive and on Islington Avenue.

       In 1907, the first Sunnylea School - a two room white brick schoolhouse - was built on Prince Edward Drive. Edna G. Whitworth, a pupil at the school, won a contest in coming up with the Sunnylea name - which also became the name of this community.

       Sunnylea's old farms were subdivided in the 1930's and 40's, when the present-day neighbourhood was developed. The influx of new families to this community led to the opening of the second Sunnylea school in 1942.



Sunnylea is a highly sought after neighbourhood that is especially popular with young families. There is a country charm here thanks to the Mimico Creek which gently meanders through the centre of this neighbourhood. Sunnylea's many mature trees and the exclusion of sidewalks add to its country-like ambience.

       Sunnylea is known for its excellent schools which are a popular drawing card for this neighbourhood. The elementary schools have definite enrollment boundaries that serve different parts of this neighbourhood.


Courtesy - Your Guide to Toronto Neighbourhoods. Copyright Maple Tree Publishing.

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I've discovered that features, expecially unique features, have a VERY POSITIVE influence on the sale price of your home. Unique feature of your home separate your home from other homes. It is my job, as your Agent, to seek out and highlight these unique features.

      Below, are just some of my recent solds throughout The Kingsway and Sunnylea.

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Condominium residences within The Kingsway and Sunnylea are as unique and diverse as each home in the area is.  From The Montgomery in the west, to The Terraces of Old Mill in the east, each residence offers something different and special - to satisfy the most discerning of buyers.

        I certainly do not attempt to make an exhaustive description of each building; rather, I try to evoke a unique 'flavour' for each condominium residence.  Only when I bring clients to each building will I be able to show them - up close and personal - the features unique to that specific building and Suite.

        I look forward to showcasing each condominium residence for you!

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